Ductulus aberrans

atsiskyręs latakėlis statusas T sritis histologija atitikmenys: lot. Ductulus aberrans ryšiai: platesnis terminasantsėklidis

Medicininės histologijos ir embriologijos vardynas . . 2001.

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  • ductulus aberrans — ductulus ab·er·rans ab ə .ranz n, pl ductuli ab·er·ran·tes .ab ə ran .tēz VAS ABERRANS OF HALLER called also ductulus aberrans inferior …   Medical dictionary

  • Ductulus aberrans — netaisyklingas latakėlis statusas T sritis šlapimo ir lyties aparatas atitikmenys: lot. Ductulus aberrans ryšiai: platesnis terminas – netaisyklingas latakas …   Paukščių anatomijos terminai

  • ductulus aberrans superior — [TA] superior aberrant ductule: a narrow tube of variable length that lies in the epididymis and is connected with the rete testis; called also ductus aberrans …   Medical dictionary

  • ductulus aberrans inferior — [TA] inferior aberrant ductule: a narrow, coiled tube often connected with the first part of the ductus deferens, or with the lower part of the duct of the epididymis …   Medical dictionary

  • aberrans — see DUCTULUS ABERRANS, VAS ABERRANS OF HALLER …   Medical dictionary

  • Ductulus — Dụctulus [Verkleinerungsbildung zu lat. ductus = Zug; Führung; Leitung, Rohrleitung] m; , ...li: kleiner Gang (Anat.). Dụctulus ab|ẹrrans infe̲rior: unterer Ductulus aberrans am Nebenhodenschwanz. Dụctulus ab|ẹrrans supe̲rior: oberer… …   Das Wörterbuch medizinischer Fachausdrücke

  • ductulus — SYN: ductule. [Mod. L. dim. of L. ductus, duct] d. aberrans inferior [TA] SYN: inferior aberrant ductule. d. aberrans superior [TA] SYN: superior aberrant ductule. ductuli aberrantes [TA] SYN: aberrant ductules, under ductule. d. alveolaris,… …   Medical dictionary

  • vas aberrans of Haller — vas ab·er·rans of Hal·ler ab ə .ranz əv häl ər n, pl vasa ab·er·ran·tia of Haller .ab ə ran ch(ē )ə a blind tube that is occas. present parallel to the first part of the vas deferens and that may communicate with the vas deferens or with the… …   Medical dictionary

  • vas aberrans — 1. ductulus aberrans superior 2. any anomalous or unusual vessel …   Medical dictionary

  • Haller aberrant duct — ductulus aberrans inferior …   Medical dictionary

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